Atlantis RCM Custom Solutions
For Your Specialty

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Atlantis RCM for Chiropractic

Chiropractic practices require a specialized approach due to their high proportion of copay patients and the intricate documentation of examination and treatment plans by chiropractors. A generic one-size-fits-all technology solution may not effectively address the specific requirements of these practices.

Our solution, on the other hand, has been specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of chiropractic offices. It offers the required level of flexibility and scalability to provide an optimal solution for chiropractic practices.

How Does Atlantis Help Chiropractic Offices?

Quick Access to patient information

An easy-to-use CRM interface lets you access patient information quickly and efficiently, document everything in detail so you don't miss anything, and provide a better patient experience.

Paperless documentation

We make documentation more efficient by eliminating the need for paper copies of documents. This saves time and money while making sure all your patients have access to their own records.

Patient experience

Atlantis experts also helps the patient experience by providing them with a secure way to submit payment and review their insurance claims. It also provides them with a way to communicate with the doctor about their appointment and its results.