Atlantis RCM Custom Solutions
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General Surgery

The revenue cycle management services provided by Atlantis RCM allows General Surgery to focus on providing quality patient care while reducing the administrative burden of managing claims and payments.

Ensure patients have insurance coverage before surgery with pre-surgery screening, as part of the revenue cycle management process. After surgery, patients will receive post-surgery assessments from their doctor or staff members in order to determine if further treatment is necessary or if they are ready to leave the hospital.

If you have a pre-surgery screening process or post-surgery assessments, we can help you make them more efficient without sacrificing quality or reliability. We'll work with you to create processes that are tailored to your needs and the needs of your patients.

How Atlantis RCM Helps Surgeons

Improved financial performance

At Atlantis Recovery Care Management, we believe that providing financial stability and improved patient care is a delicate balancing act. We know that surgeons are under pressure to provide the best care possible while keeping their practices afloat. Our mission is to help you achieve this balance by offering:

Better alignment between processes

Surgeons can improve their financial performance by increasing revenue and reducing expenses through better alignment between processes, including medical billing and collections. The result is fewer days of unpaid claims, lower bad debt expense, and more accurate financial reporting.

Improved patient satisfaction

Better patient satisfaction is achieved when physicians have access to up-to-date information about their patients’ health status so they can provide optimal care. Our solutions allow physicians to keep track of patients’ lab results and medication information in one place, so they can make informed decisions about treatment plans or other interventions needed.

Increased operational efficiency

Increased operational efficiency means less time spent on administrative tasks like managing bills or collecting payments from insurance companies so you can focus on what matters most—your patients!