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Assisting laboratories manage their revenue cycles to maintain financial stability

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Revenue cycle management is complicated. An accurate patient database, proper billing processes, and improved point-of-services receivables are all necessaryfor the lab to be in a better financial position. Failure to resolve these issuescan result in unbild claims, high denial rates and fluctuating gross collection.

The complex nature of absolute revenue cycle management remains a hindrance to the growth of revenues for 30% of medical facilities.

It can be difficult to keep track of everything from billing to insurance follow-up.That's where atlantis RCM comes in. We assist with scheduling patients, suggesting reminders, collecting payment information, and getting in touch with insurance.

How Atlantis RCM Helps Laboratories

Optimized Billing Process:

A/R, denial rate, net collection rate, first acceptance rate, etc., are complicated calculations. We assist you in identifying problem areas quickly and taking corrective action by providing actionable reports on each aspect of lab operations.

Operational efficiency:

Comprehensive RCM solutions contribute to the standardization of lab operations, the increase of profitability, and the creation of new revenue opportunities for the lab. Reduce unbilled claims and denial rates with these solutions that eliminate inefficient procedures.

Meet Compliance Goals:

Due to constantly changing compliance and regulatory environments, health systems often face mounting pressure. Atlantis RCM ensures compliance with healthcare regulations by securing and accurately maintaining patient and financial information.

We manage each step of the revenue cycle, from enrollment to A/R follow-up

Laboratory revenue cycle management services are a necessity, not an option.

It's all too common for labs to suffer from high overhead costs, administrative inefficiencies, and a lack of transparency in their revenue cycle processes. When your lab's revenue is tied up in overpriced or underperforming equipment, high administrative costs, and time-consuming workflow issues, it can be hard to see how it will ever reach its full potential.

But with the right laboratory revenue cycle management service provider by your side, you'll be able to streamline your operations while maximizing profit margins.

With Atlantis RCM you'll have access to expert guidance on everything from billing and collections to coding and compliance, all while reducing overhead and improving efficiency.

Improve collections by reducing denials and decreasing laboratory wait times

A well-managed revenue cycle helps to ensure that your organization is maximizing revenue through payments from payers and patients. It also helps you efficiently collect payment for services rendered.

Our revenue cycle management services can help reduce lab denials and expedite re-work in order to get back on track with your collections. Our experts are here to help you automate processes, increase productivity, and cut costs.

And when you're ready to take the next step toward success? Our team is here to help you through every step of the process!