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Discover the power of our cutting-edge credentialing software tailored for healthcare professionals. Say goodbye to paperwork and administrative hassles, and streamline your credentialing process effortlessly. Our intuitive platform is designed to save you time, ensure compliance, and keep your credentials up-to-date, so you can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care.

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Adequate Planning

We plan ahead and gather all the required information to build a comprehensive case for successful credentialing.

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Ensuring Transparency

You can view each step of the process, including enrollment, follow-up, credentialing, and approval.

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Robust Follow-up

The credentialing process usually takes 90-150 days, therefore,a robust follow-up method is deployed to ensure success.

Build Trust While Saving Time & Money Outsource Credentialing

In a recent survey done with the medical professionals, 90% of participants reflected that they shall undergo credentialing so patients could trust them as insurance companies will want to see the proof of medical credentialing before allowing anyone to engage with patients.

Atlantis RCM is committed to providing accurate and exceptional credentialing services to the healthcare industry, improving patient experience, and reducing revenue loss.


Maintaining Higher Safety Standards for a Forward-Looking Medical Practice.

A credentialing process is a laborious and highly repetitive activity that requires constant attention. Atlantis RCM can help you keep your credentialing documents up to date, recredential and customize your contract on your terms.

Atlantis Rcm is the leading provider of enrollment services for physicians and healthcare entities, offering credentialing and contracting with health plans. Our team is equipped with experience to ensure that your practice is fully credentialed to help you navigate the complex world of insurance contracting.

At Atlantis, we believe that you deserve a seamless credentialing experience. We guide your practice administrators and providers in gathering the required demographics and background information. Our process is streamlined, so we can help you meet your timelines and provide a seamless experience for all involved.

We know that it can be a pain in the neck to get credentialed with all of your payers, and we want to make it easier for you. However, a minor mistake could delay the credentialing process. We submit the CAQH application for providers who must use this service to credential individual payers.

Recredentialing is typically required every three years, so we will notify and manage the process when the time comes to renew a provider's credentials. Our team will review and verify your professional credentials in conjunction with relevant criteria and keep them on file.

As soon as we have all the required documentation, we prepare and submit the required Submit credentialing appeals for providers or organizations (hospitals, clinics) when insurances are almost in-network with the provider or organization.

Are credentialing issues stressing out your legal department?

We have a team of experts who have years of experience navigating Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, commercial insurance enrollment, and other credentialing processes for healthcare providers.

Credentialing Management

Up to Date Credentials

Verifying Credentials

Completing Applications

Info Gathering & Handling

Credentialing Management

We understand how important it is to distinguish insurers and the companies they are enrolled with. For health plans and application collections, we manage all payer communication, complete verification, and network enrollment management.

Up to Date Credentials

Our experts are familiar with and closely follow all state credentialing requirements so that you don't have to worry about possible liability issues with your practice. Besides updating your credentials year-round, we provide automated alerts and renewal notifications.

Verifying Credentials

Atlantis, as your RCM partner, is committed to quality and accuracy when assembling and submitting credentials. Credentials are verified with educational institutions, previous employers, and licensing authorities to ensure that they are accurate.

Completing Applications

CAQH approval can be delayed significantly if inaccurate information is provided when completing applications. Every year, our team synchronizes with insurance companies and relevant attestation authorities to keep all the information updated.

Information Gathering and Handling

A full range of healthcare administration consulting services is provided by us, including electronic data entry, ongoing monitoring and background checks, and application mailing service. Moreover, during this process, we handle all the calls, follow-ups, e-mails, faxes, etc.

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