Atlantis RCM
Creates Ultimate Patient Financial Experience

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Provide accurate information about coverage and patient responsibility

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Provide patient-centred statements and payment methods

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Collect or arrange payment plans when scheduling or during service

Seamless & Pain-Free Experience
For Your Patients

How can organisations provide a patient experience that drives convenience, loyalty, and revenue regardless of how reimbursements are paid?

An organisation should make sure to cater to a patient's expectations and needs at all times. As part of its patient-centric approach, Atlantis RCM offers patients a customised, smooth, and consolidated experience.


In the Long Run, Being Proactive and Empathetic Pays Off.

From appointment reminders and eligibility checks to authorizations for resolutions, Atlantis experts manage payment infrastructure and reconcile all patient payments throughout the entire process

Through transparency, understanding, and control, we strive to provide the best financial experience for your patients. In this way, patient payment opportunities are maximised and payment yields are higher.

Maintain Stronger Connections With Your Patients Using Atlantis RCM

With Atlantis RCM, you and your patients will be experiencing a better user experience one which believes in open and transparent communication eventually helping building trust and improved connections.

Open Communication

Our team will work with you to create a plan for improving collections and submitting more complete claims, and we'll monitor everything to make sure the plan is working as intended.

Stronger Connections

With medical billing services, we can proudly state that we have been able to increase our clients' revenue profit by 10-25 % by ensuring maximum claim follow-up.

Better Transperancy

An integrated patient experience management system provides patients with information about their health and treatment options. Providing them with information on their health insurance coverage, payment options, etc.

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