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The billing process in podiatry is essentially a highly complex accounting process. You need to know how much money is coming in and how much is going out. You have to ensure that as you have become more involved in patient care early on, patient volume claims and preventive procedures will continue to increase.

That's where Atlantis RCM comes in. We take into account all aspects of your revenue cycle: from collecting payments from patients to making sure that all precedures of your podiatry practice are streamlined. It also includes other things like ensuring accurate claims.

How Atlantis RCM Helps PODIATRY

Setting Appointments:

Atlantis RCM allows you to book appointments for your clients, and also allows you to see who has booked appointments with your office. You can also send out reminders when it's time for someone to come in for an appointment.

Submitting Claims:

Atlantis RCM allows you to submit claims to any insurance company or third-party payer directly through our platform. This helps streamline the process and save time.

Remittance Posting:

Atlantis RCM helps track remittances so that you always know how much money is coming in, what expenses are expected to be covered by insurance companies/third parties/etc., and how much money is left over after all expenses have been paid.

Collections & Data Analysis:

In addition to helping you submit claims and track remittances, Atlantis RCM also allows you access to reports on collections, demographics (age groups), etc. This can help inform your business decisions regarding new patients or patient populations that may not be receiving adequate care from other practices nearby.