Atlantis RCM For Large Medical Groups

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Accurate Assessment

Let us take accurate insurance information and collect unpaid balances.

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Financial Planning

Understanding your business costs and revenue cycle helps us create a plan.

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Maintaining Relationship

Having a good relationship with your patients will increase profitability.

Our Unyielding Commitment To Deliver Results!

When medical practices do not collect up front as they should they rely on post payment methods such as chargebacks payment plans and negotiated discounts which end up costing to collect properly prior to services rendered.

This leads to frustration and leaves you exposed to financial risk.

You can recover your outstanding balances with Atlantis RCM that will assist you in minimizing the risk of not getting paid or having bad debts written off due to non-collection.


Operate at a Higher Profit Margin

There has been a rise in denied claims appeals and denials for your provider network, no matter whether it is Medicare, Medicaid, managed care or commercial claims you manage.

This is largely due to the ever-changing regulations and the ongoing oversight provided by government agencies.

We specialize in revenue cycle management for large medical groups, both multi-speciality and single-speciality, from exemplary practices to medical institutes.

Get a Better understanding of your Cash Flow

Almost nothing will be exactly the same in every practice. To make them fit together, most CRM outsourcing companies use a cookie cutter approach.

Due to the costs involved with managing revenue cycles, large medical groups are often unable to manage them effectively.

You'll be able to manage your practice more effectively and make better decisions for your patients, staff, and overall business health with Atlantis.


See your administrative headaches go away

The impact from negative payers is devastating to speciality practices. The majority of this impact comes from poor processes which results in increased administrative costs and decreased collections.

As part of its comprehensive care management solution, Altantis services continue to support the entire revenue cycle.

You need support to manage medical bills, collect what is due and make sure that you keep your costs affordable for all the patients.

Manage revenue-critical tasks in real-time

Health care providers and payers, including hospitals, outpatient physicians, medical groups, and integrated delivery systems, are currently facing three major issues: credentialing, medical billing, and claim denials.

In order to avoid these core problems, Atlantis RCM provides loss prevention, enforcement, and collection services.

Through a standardized operational model, large medical groups have benefited from Revenue Cycle Management by making smarter use of their data and improving operations.


One step ahead of Payment Patient

Find out how Atlantis RCM's precision revenue cycle management services can enhance your patient care.

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Our mission is to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks in healthcare organizations and individual practices so that they can exceed revenue and growth.

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